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Why SinfoníaRx?

We are SinfoníaRx - the industry leader in Medication Therapy Management.

RxCompanion™ - by SinfoníaRx

RxCompanion™, by SinfoníaRx, is a highly intuitive software platform designed to identify and resolve health related problems. Alongside SinfoníaRx world-renowned Pharmacists, RxCompanion™ becomes instrumental to the process of personalizing and optimizing an individual's healthcare regimen.

RxCompanion™, by SinfoníaRx – Simple, Safe, Secure. For more information, please contact us today.

RxCompanion™ - de parte de SinfoníaRx

RxCompanion - es una red informática que es intuitiva y diseñada para identificar y resolver problemas relacionados con la salud - está dedicado a la protección, organización y manegamiento de la información de la salud de cada individuo.

The Patient Experience

A look inside the experience of SinfoníaRx - the industry leader in Medication Therapy Management.

La Experiencia del Paciente

SinfoníaRx - MTM Spotlight

An inside look at our Medication Therapy Management providers. Jared, Kwyn, and Aya share what makes SinfoníaRx MTM services so special.

Special Thanks to all of our Call Center Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Pharmacy Interns. With your diligent work, SinfoníaRx is able to continue to provide the best MTM services in the nation.

SinfoníaRx - MTM at Work

Medication Therapy Management through SinfoníaRx - providing a comprehensive approach to patient care and population health.