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2020 Program Performance Report

Take advantage of the Care for Older Adults Program that helps health plans reach the Medicare Part C population and improve their ratings. The Care for Older Adults Program opens a dialogue between members and prescribers to provide continuity of care as it relates to pain assessment and medication safety.

SinfoníaRx has been part of the Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) family of companies for three years. In 2020, as we continue to improve healthcare and expand our programs with TRHC service offerings, our branding will also evolve. Our clinical call centers will be MedWiseRx™, and our award-winning software platform, RxCompanion™, will be MedWise™ for Medication Therapy Management. We will ease our patients and partners into this transition, and they will still receive the same exceptional service from our committed teams.

At SinfoníaRx, we are dedicated to advancing care for the patients and partners we serve. We understand the complexity of healthcare and the need for innovative approaches to provide care. During my first year as Chief Executive Officer at SinfoníaRx, our presence in population health, pharmacy, and research has flourished through collaborations and acquisitions. As a leader in providing Medication Therapy Management solutions, it was a natural step to expand our Comprehensive Medication Review offering to provide community pharmacies with clinician escalation services – growing our clinical intelligence footprint.

SinfoníaRx broke barriers to provide quality healthcare by adding programs, such as the National Diabetes Prevention Program in partnership with the American Pharmacists Association (APhA), and integrating innovative technology from PrescribeWellness, the newest addition to the TRHC family of companies. PrescribeWellness adds tremendous value to how we personalize and deliver care. The ability to reach patients face-to-face through our expanded network of community pharmacies strengthens our proactive outreach methods and takes us another step forward.

I am honored to lead a team of devoted people who positively impact on millions of patients across the nation through our best-in-class services. As we continue to integrate solutions across TRHC, we look forward to pursuing even greater opportunities to improve access to comprehensive care, quality, and outcomes.

Sandra Leal, PharmD, MPH, FAPhA, CDE

Executive Vice President, SinfoníaRx, A TRHC Solution

2020–2021 APhA President-elect

Portrait of Sandra Leal

Full-service solutions

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Quality Improvement Program


Opioid Management Services

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Clinical clarity - Success story spotlight

During his Comprehensive Medication Review, Jacob told his SinfoníaRx pharmacist about recent changes to his medication regimen. These changes included the addition of three inhalers over the course of one month. Jacob was unclear about the purpose of each inhaler and also expressed concerns about the costs associated with the additional prescription medicine.

Upon review, the pharmacist identified a duplication of therapy among two of the prescribed inhalers. The pharmacist counseled Jacob on the purpose of each medication and discussed with him the duplication of therapy. Jacob was also encouraged to follow up with his provider to examine both drug-therapy and cost-saving adjustments to his medication regimen. The pharmacist, through diligent clinical review, provided Jacob with the opportunity to receive more effective and manageable medication therapy.

Personal information has been modified to protect the privacy of those involved.

Clinical intelligence positioned for growth

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Population health management - RxCompanion 10.0

Patient relationship and wellness

MedWise has improved our ability to identify issues and make well-thought-out recommendations. We’ve had a number of prescribers who turn out to have been trying to figure out a patient for a long time, and we were able to solve this problem for them.
Cheri Schmit, RPh
Director of Clinical Pharmacy, Medicap Pharmacy

Community pharmacy solutions powered by RxCompanion

Medication adherence metrics and overall network performance

Total membership

2.2 Million lives

10 Million lives


2.2 Million consultations

$7.7 Million

Maximizing outreach

Quality Improvement Program

The Quality Improvement Program targets patients with precision accuracy to maximize engagement and improve Star Ratings, HEDIS®, and Display measures. RxCompanion facilitates the program through proprietary clinical algorithms and comprehensive reporting. Our Quality Improvement Program is supported by a comprehensive network of regional and multi-lingual clinical call centers and community pharmacies that use proactive outreach methods.

Our Quality Improvement Program covers:


Expanded network of pharmacists and integration with individualized patient engagement technology

Ground Support

Air Support

100,000 daily communications

28 supported languages

20M+ calls annually

Bridging innovation in pharmacy

Our interprofessional teams focused on improving patient engagement and medication adherence through documentation and completion of action-oriented, patient-centered alerts. Through clinical intelligence, integrated technology, informatic expertise, and a national network of devoted providers, SinfoníaRx is better able to inform, empower, and support clinical initiatives of community pharmacies through novel adherence-driven initiatives. With one-click completion of adherence, 90-day opportunities, and continuous review of algorithms to ensure new medications and updated guidelines are considered, SinfoníaRx is able to improve HEDIS® and Star measures.

New! Virtual assistance for pharmacies

VRxAssist is our virtual team that acts as an extension for community pharmacies. Our virtual team enrolls high-value patients into a Med Sync program, supports a year-round vaccination program, implements strategic marketing to engage and attract new patients, and helps to lower direct and indirect remuneration fees.

Flip the Pharmacy Program

The Flip the Pharmacy Program, a transformative and collaborative initiative, is designed to equip community pharmacies with tools for better outcomes. TRHC and PrescribeWellness serve as official Flip the Pharmacy Program sponsors, providing valuable industry knowledge and operational resources to community pharmacies across America.

Face-to-face CMRs

Our advanced population health management services enable community pharmacists to conduct face-to-face CMRs directly though the PrescribeWellness platform. Documented quickly and accurately as eCare plans, these CMRs enable pharmacies to receive additional compensation for patient-centric, clinical services.

Academia-CPESN® Transformation (ACT) Pharmacy Collaborative

Through our academic partnership with The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, we are pleased to support the ACT Pharmacy Collaborative and its Community Pharmacy Practice Transformation Initiative. The ACT Pharmacy Collaborative aims to help revolutionize community-based pharmacy practice into a pharmacy care delivery model.

RxCompanion is a critical piece of our strategy to introduce innovative medication management initiatives to Canada. The U.S. experience with this technology has proven that it will enable us to identify patients at risk for medication-related problems in a highly scalable way for the market in Canada.
Jeff May, RPh
President, HumanisRx

International expansion

TRHC is established in the United States as a leader in the development of technologies for safe and effective medication management and risk mitigation. As awareness grows of the problems associated with multi-drug interactions, TRHC is once again at the forefront with programs established for the use of SaaS technology in Europe and Canada. ​

Redefining science through industry-leading research

Our unique relationships with the industry’s leading academic institutions have helped us build one of the nation’s most comprehensive research programs. Last year we unified numerous nationwide research collaborators, including partners from TRHC’s Precision Pharmacotherapy Research & Development Institute, Applied Precision Pharmacotherapy Institute, Healthcare Analytics, DoseMe, SinfoníaRx, The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, and The Ohio State University Institute of Therapeutic Innovations and Outcomes. We are excited to strengthen our research reputation in the healthcare industry as a part of the payer unit of the TRHC Precision Pharmacotherapy Research & Development Institute.

University partnerships
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2019 Enhanced research activity

45 Leadership roles

34 Live research presentations