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National Diabetes Prevention Program Blog

July 9, 2020

Why refer patients to a lifestyle change program?

It is a tough time for patients to stay healthy. Type 2 diabetes can put people at a higher risk for complications from COVID-19. Studies show that participants in a lifestyle change program that lose 5 – 7% of their body weight and add 150 minutes of exercise to their week, reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%. You can help patients reach their health goals by referring them to a lifestyle change program. Our lifestyle change programs use a curriculum based on research and trained coaches, so you can be confident that your patients will get the best advice. After enrollment in the program, you may even find that their increased knowledge saves you time in office visits!

Joining a diabetes prevention and lifestyle change program can help people improve their overall well-being

People that are at risk for type 2 diabetes are more likely to join a lifestyle change program if a health care professional recommends it to them. There are resources available to help you refer at-risk patients to a lifestyle change program.

Take a look at the resources available to you and start encouraging your patients to join today. Help them take control of their health.

A lifestyle change program can improve your patients’ health greatly. These programs are designed to prevent participants from developing type 2 diabetes. Your patients will benefit from trained lifestyle change coaches who encourage small changes to daily routines.

The coaches give participants tips and tricks for eating healthier, reducing stress, and increasing physical activity. This year-long program is designed to make life-long changes. Take a look at some of the topics covered in the programs, such as eating fewer calories and making healthier choices during vacations.

Help patients access educational groups made up of people with like challenges and goals. Help from trained coaches can help make lasting changes in people’s lives. These group sessions are offered via telehealth and are completely free. So, there is nothing to lose!

They can also contact us at 1-844-326-3043 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., MST, Monday through Friday or email us at preventdiabetes@trhc.com The Diabetes Prevention Program is offered by Tabula Rasa HealthCare and the American Pharmacists Association Foundation and is funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

*Please do not send personal health information to preventdiabetes@trhc.com. We take your confidentiality seriously.