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National Diabetes
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July 2021

Beat the Summer Heat

It’s warm. The sun is shining and there’s no end to the outdoor activities. Whether you’re taking it easy with a light hike or kicking up your heels at an outdoor concert, the heat can be too much. So, what’s the best way to participate in all that summer has to offer outside and keep up your energy to actually enjoy it?

Feed your body

It’s important to eat, even when it’s hot.
• Eat lighter foods – think salads, fruit, or a wrap

Make sure you’re getting your vitamin B, especially B6 and B12.
• They are natural energy boosters and will help you even during a summer scorcher


Bring down your body temperature

• Run cool water over your wrists
• Wrap a cool towel around your neck
• Run cold water over areas where you would “take your pulse”
• Eat spicy foods – they make you sweat, which naturally cools the body down
• Wear loose fitting clothing

Stay hydrated

Drink lots of liquids, such as water or sports drinks
• You can buy plain electrolyte packets to simply drop into your water

Eat fruits and veggies – most of them are made up of mostly water

• Fruit salad anyone?

• Pineapple = 95%
• Blueberries = 95%
• Cantaloupe = 92%
• Watermelon = 96%

• Or try one with veggies

• Cucumber = 96%
• Tomato = 94%
• Celery = 95%
• Lettuce = 95%

Now that’s a salad!

And when you have had enough of the heat, get out of it. Find some shade or some air conditioning and take a break. Some signs that you may need to find the nearest fan include: feeling tired, weak, nauseous, or dizzy, or having a headache, muscle cramps, severe sweating, or a weak pulse.

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