2019 Program Performance Report

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Grandfather with little granddaughter  enjoying a hike in the woods.

During a Comprehensive Medication Review, it was discovered that Robert had stopped taking his prescribed cholesterol-lowering medication at the suggestion of a friend and without notifying his doctor. A SinfoníaRx pharmacist consulted with Robert regarding the importance of his medications, also detailing how the prescribed statin would help reduce his risk of heart attack and stroke.

The SinfoníaRx pharmacist continued to counsel Robert about the correlation between his blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication, detailing how these therapies work in concert to reduce the risk of adverse health events.

Learning that the patient had just moved to be closer to his grandchildren, the SinfoníaRx pharmacist reinforced the importance of medication adherence with the goal of empowering Robert to better care for himself and his family. At the conclusion of the discussion, Robert shared his intent to take his medications as directed moving forward.

Personal information has been modified to protect the privacy of those involved.