2019 Program Performance Report

Enhanced Opioid Management Services

A National Crisis. Our Opioid Solution.

SinfoníaRx offers several enhanced opioid management programs and services designed to reduce the risk of unintentional overdose that can result from multi-drug interactions. These programs focus on optimizing pain management and support for our clients and the patients we serve.

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Opioid Over-utilization Prevention

Designed to support Medicare’s new display measure, ‘Use of Opioids at High Dosage and from Multiple Providers in Persons Without Cancer.’

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Opioid Management Program

Designed to support chronic opioid users through prevention of over-utilization and medication-related problems, and identification of potentially suboptimal pain management treatment.

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TRHC’s The Optimized Opioid Solution™

Designed to identify actionable interventions through proprietary, simultaneous multi-drug analysis and in-depth pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacogenomic evaluations and consultations to optimize pain management and avoid unintentional overdose. Additional benefits include accredited education for prescribers along with total cost reduction for the plan.